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Upcoming course: 26.05.2019

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About us

   3Dpen guru was founded in 2018 as a joint project of Adam Vráblík and Jiří Kinský, bringing together the long-time knowledge of plastics extrusion and injection and the rich experience in art and education. The aim of our project is to introduce public to the 3Dpen technology through educational courses regularly held in the centre of Prague. We also provide courses for schools, libraries or private companies with precisely tailored lessons. 3Dpen.guru can be found as a part of THEREDBLUEDIMENSION art exhibition in Prague´s Illusion Art Museum situated on the Old Town Square.

    Apart from 3D pens we also develop our own components and accessories, which help users with their 3D creation. The various supports, 3D moulds and models are available together with pens and other items in our new shop.


   Owing to advanced knowledge in plastifying and 3D print we also take part in 3Dpen development. We cooperate with 3Dsimo brand, the provider of precision technology and high quality components. 3Dsimo Guru – an improved version of the original 3Dsimo KIT was developed for the purposes of our lessons. The user is thus provided with maximum space and convenience in everyday creation thanks to the improved nozzle assembly and casing. The open system allows the 3Dpen to be dismantled, assembled and also upgraded by makers themselves. The further advantage of the pen lies in its durability and almost uninterrupted operation time, proved by hundreds of hours of testing.

   The pen is a handy extruding tool, able to melt the selected filament, which is than pressed through the tempering nozzle. An individual user interface can be set, including temperature, feeder speed or material. 3Dpens can typically utilize 1-2 types of filament such as ABS or PLA. These materials offer quality, flexibility, stability and mostly wide range of application. We use the open interface pens, ready to use any type of plastic filaments such as PETG, Wood, Metal and others. This is also the reason why 3Dsimo pens rank among the most universal in the world.

Practical usage:

   The pen is suitable for drawing and painting, but mostly for creating selected 3D objects.  The popular choices are lamps, masks, chains, stands and holders, bracelets, hooks, cases, X-mas ornaments or toys of various kinds.  Also gifts or models of real-life items reduced in size are possible.  Children love 3D creating since they take it as granted today. 3Dpens support not only creativity, but also spatial imagination. They calm the mind too.

   Apart from free time and artistic usage the pen is also suitable for common household repairs, where plastic material is needed.  All this can be done not only in the comfort of your home but also on the go thanks to the added power bank battery.  3Dpen is an exquisite tool for the creative moments appreciated by adults, children, artists, designers or handymen.


   We organize series of courses on regular basis. The participants are introduced into the 3Dpen technology by both professional educator and maker. The courses are held in the Prague Illusion Art Museum, situated on the Old Towns Square right opposite the astronomical clock.

   In a 3-hour course the participants will learn to handle the 3Dpen properly. They´ll master the basic and advanced ways of 3D creation and produce their own creations, which they will bring back home. Various tips and tricks of how to utilize 3Dpen in a household are provided as well. The course develops creative thinking, imagination, concentration and introduces participants to countless possibilities of using 3Dpen in everyday life.

    Each visitor will obtain a 3Dsimo Guru pen worth CZK 2 500,- , which was specially developed for the purposes of our courses. The museum entry worth CZK 250,- is included in the price as well. The entry allows visiting all floors of the Illusion Art Museum and the REDBLEDIMENSION and 3Dpen.guru expositions. The museum tour ends in the historical tower, used as an auditorium for our courses. Each participant will get a second free museum ticket, which can be used either for a friend or family member or any other visit.

   Price:          2 950,- Kč   

Upcoming course:   26.05.2018


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The course includes:

3 hours of lesson

Professional maker assistance

+ 3DPen 3Dsimo Guru

3D filaments for course

Selfmade 3D products

Photos from the course

Ticket to Illusion Art Museum

+ Extra ticket for free

Cultural experience in the heart of Prague

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